Thursday, May 7, 2009


So I really like all the swaps, and quilt alongs, and stuff that's floating around out there and I really would like to start one of my own. But my last idea I think was a little too grand to be practical for most people (which is very typical of me actually). If you're wondering what I'm talking about please see "alphabet soup" post and mumble under your breath "wow, she's crazy". Go on...I mean it, go....have you read it yet? Good. Okay, so now that you are familiar with my first bad idea can you help with a good one? What sort of swaps would you and people you know be interested in?


  1. Well I really liked the Alphabet idea but maybe instead of doing the entire alphabet I would pick one word...maybe five letters and let everyone do a few and then you won't have to depend on acquiring a certain number of participants, or pick a theme like houses or baskets, or even just a block you like. That way if someone were to bow out people can still put together a quilt out of a few blocks if they space it with plain blocks. Just a thought. I love your idea for a swap though!

  2. Count me in for a swap, too. I was just reading Tallgrass Prairie Studio's blog. They have a pretty cool swap, and a flicker account to show the blocks. It looks like each person sends their fabric out to individuals in the group, (for consistency) and one person is assigned to "making up" one months block. *** I know this doesn't make sense, but I'm trying, forgive me if it sounds totally wrong*** I like the idea of the solid white for a background for me. Feel free to email me! I might make more sense in the morning :)

  3. Hmm... I love swaps too, but I don't quilt so although the Alphabet Suit sounded magnificent, it wasn't really my thing. Maybe something a bit more freeform? Like with a theme, but with everyone being able to choose their medium? xx

  4. Hi
    I liked the alphabet idea. I think the sew connected swaps are great. You send out fabric to the involved and they each make a block of that fabric and send the block back. In that way you have some consistency in the fabric but alot of different blocks, I hope I make sense.

  5. I like Pepperberry's idea! We should pick a theme, set a cost limit, decide on a timeframe and everyone gets paired up has to make that person one thing using their preferred choice of medium . Take a look a
    Backtack is organised nearly every Christmas by craftapalooza and six and a half stitches.

    I do love your idea though.