Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy Swap....?

I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day. I spent mine obsessing about a swap. I just couldn't stop trying to come up with an idea. I know I need to get a life other then crafting, husbands already told me that...but I did come up with an idea. It's actually sort of a compilation from lots of ideas, so not really my own idea, but anyway, tell me what you think....

It's called Crazy Swap after a crazy quilt because anything goes. Basically it will be a monthly swap where each person can choose whether or not to be involved that month. We'll all take turns picking a theme and then have a month to make something, anything, be creative. For example.... say like for June the theme is Watercolor. The last three or four days of may will be sign ups and then on June first randomly assigned partners will be announced. You then have till the last day in June to make and send something, anything that is, represents or makes you think watercolor to your partner. Then if you want to you sign up again for July and somebody else picks a theme. Or if you need a break you don't sign up again till august. How does that sound? I was trying to go for a laid back no pressure swap. I also figured this way more than just quilters can be involved. We can all share our talents and creativity with each other regardless of our chosen medium. I was also think a cost limit $5-10 dollar max on it like One Flew Over suggested would be good. Of course if you can make whatever it is with stuff you've already got that's even better. This of course means that you'll never know what you're going to get, and you may or may not like it, and one month you might work five hours one something when someone else only works 20 minutes. But I figure that's part of the adventure. I'm excited to see what crazy talents everybody has.

So what do you think?

Any suggestions to tweak it?

What about partners? Would you want to give to the same person that gives something to you or more of circle swap where everyone has someone different?

And if this is something you guys are interested in should I create a new "Crazy Swap" blog or flickr group?

And last, if you are interested and it would be a lot more fun with more people, so tell your friends, ask them if they would be interested.

That's all....I think....sorry for the long post. I hope it makes sense!


  1. This is great! So any style block etc. as long as it fits to us that months theme? I love it! Count me in and tonight I'll post this on my blog. Got to wait till the husband gets home so I won't mess up my post when a two yr old attacks! :)

  2. I live it! Is watercolour the theme then, or just an example? I'm more than happy to play and blog about it. Great work!

  3. I'm game, if watercolor is the theme, I can say I will be stretching that to loosely include water + color. I painter I'm not!

    Sounds like it will be a lot of fun, whatever the theme is... Will there be guidelines in place?