Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Applique? Oh yeah..

So since this is supposed to be a crafty blog or something I figured I should post

crafty. I snagged this project out of a box right before it was about to be taped. I made 20 of these for the girls that I teach at my church. It took WAY too long. This is actually the only one that I ended up putting flowers on, I ran out of time, but the girls love them anyway. I made them big enough to hold a binder and several books, and they're super strong. After making all of them I actually totally got into bag mode and drew out and bought fabric for several other bags, including a diaper bag. Maybe someday I'll get around to making them! You don't get the real color in the pictures, but it's this fabulous, rich, lime green.


  1. I'm always embarrassed that I can make quilts but not any other sort of crafty thing. I love this bag! and I love lime green. Hope your move is going alright. Again hang in there. I'll be getting started on my crazy swap soon!

  2. I love the black and green combination! So vibrant. Stay strong, you and your fabric stash will be together again soon!

  3. Very cute bag! I use the Perle to hand quilt and embroider x

  4. Really lovely bag - beautifully made! Wow you made 20 of these bag to give away!!! The recipients must have been thrilled with such a lovely gift.